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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Dream

I have a dream that all people would be treated the same; that they would be kind! I have a dream that people wouldn’t   be bullied just because they had a  Autism, or a different skin color, and other diseases and problems.
I know one thing: I would not want to be treated meanly. People that treat other people that way are called bullies. If your just trying to have fun at a park or something and someone is teasing you, on the outside you may act  and say it didn’t hurt your feelings, But inside your whole body is shaking, because you are mad; and you feelings are hurt. You almost feel sorry for that person.
Even if you don’t look like you have problems.... people are going to try to find a way to hurt you. Every one has a problem of some sort. No matter what, don’t let anyone ruin your life and always be kind to any one. “Love your family, friends, neighbors, even enemies, and  bullies.
So my dream is that people wouldn’t be bullied or treated wrongly just because of the way God made them.
                                     DON’T BE A BULLY! THE END

                                                                   By Sarah Minich