Weather and Time

Thursday, February 28, 2013


 We went on a trip to Houston! We drove for about 3 hours and stopped by a Gas Station. Drove another hour then stopped to see the Sam Houston Memorial. It was huge!!! I got some pictures. I will post them later. I hope.....:) We drove another hour and finally got to our friends house. At first we were kind of (not much) shy. Until the lady of the house got some snacks out!:) Lydia ( a little girl of theirs) showed me our room.. I played a game with Caleb (an 8 year old). Wii sports. Me and Alli jumped on the Trampoline with Lydia, and tried to do flips when Lydia was off ( she doesn't like to jump high). We went in and had dinner. Me and Alli played hide and seek with Lydia. Me, Yuri (a friend) and Erika played a dice game. We watched a movie, then went to bed!
 The next day we had breakfast, got ready to go to the Conference, and left in separate cars (too many people) At the Conference, we (Erika, Yuri, Anna, Alli and I ) played in the game/kitchen room. Board games and pool.I hate to admit it, but we had a lot of candy......:) And we listened to the main speaker.
 My family had to go back to the house for a couple of things. Then we headed back home.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The end of skiing!

Well Erika said that they did a skit and a song. The song was a Taylor Swift song: Mean. (lol)
They made up their own lyrics, one of the girls sang the song and Erika played guitar!:)
And she is now home, stuck with a lot of questions from me...:)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

More skiing!!!

Well we finally got to see the video! It was sent to us during our Church meeting, LOL! Everyone watched it, or some people.:) Erika just told me that she is having lots of fun, and that she froze her hands off!:) Tonight they have a talent show, where you do something that you are talented at, and people watch you.:) We do it at our summer camp. I wonder what Erika will do....:)
More later......................:)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Well it turns out Erika did go skiing, and she said she had lots of fun! We got a picture, and her eyeballs were as big as saucers! JK! My Mother was sent a video of Erika skiing, but Mom lost it.... AND I NEVER GOT TO SEE IT!:) So I hope she is having fun and will have a lot more fun!
And you know what is lucky? They get a pool, a game area, they got to go out for pizza, and tomorrow I will tell you more......:)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ski Trip!

Erika got to go on a ski trip with a bunch of other people yesterday! She is still gone, she won't be back till Saturday night. My Mom will pick her up from the airport. It rained today, and they were supposed to ski today. So I wonder what they are doing instead.... If it is raining there. I hope its not...:)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Playing with the camera

So every now and then, I play around with my camera. How do I look?:)
Back of a dress we got from Goodwill
Sorry about bright part, but I still liked the picture

Another dress from Goodwill

Me with my Dad's hat on

Curly hair

Erika set my hair to the way she liked it


Monday, February 4, 2013


So, did you watch the Superbowl? We went to a friends house with a bunch of other people to watch it. Well most of the kids actually played (including me...:)
So if you remember, would you please tell me who won?:)

Friday, February 1, 2013


So how does my new look, look?So, today, I was climbing a tree with my Best Friend and my sister. At one point, you couldn't really go any farther, and I was in front. So I decided to jump. NOT A GOOD IDEA!
Ounce I jumped, I landed sitting, I was about to get up, but a branch decided to follow me down( A PRETTY BIG ONE......)
So my nose and eyebrow is bruised......
And you might notice my chin is slightly larger then the other. THAT is because I had a 100 1b. sister land on me on wooden floor! My shoulder still hurts a little.....
But I'm okay!

I had a nice weekend..... what about you?:)