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Thursday, February 28, 2013


 We went on a trip to Houston! We drove for about 3 hours and stopped by a Gas Station. Drove another hour then stopped to see the Sam Houston Memorial. It was huge!!! I got some pictures. I will post them later. I hope.....:) We drove another hour and finally got to our friends house. At first we were kind of (not much) shy. Until the lady of the house got some snacks out!:) Lydia ( a little girl of theirs) showed me our room.. I played a game with Caleb (an 8 year old). Wii sports. Me and Alli jumped on the Trampoline with Lydia, and tried to do flips when Lydia was off ( she doesn't like to jump high). We went in and had dinner. Me and Alli played hide and seek with Lydia. Me, Yuri (a friend) and Erika played a dice game. We watched a movie, then went to bed!
 The next day we had breakfast, got ready to go to the Conference, and left in separate cars (too many people) At the Conference, we (Erika, Yuri, Anna, Alli and I ) played in the game/kitchen room. Board games and pool.I hate to admit it, but we had a lot of candy......:) And we listened to the main speaker.
 My family had to go back to the house for a couple of things. Then we headed back home.


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