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Thursday, November 29, 2012

How I spent my Thanksgiving Vacation:)


Well, on Wednesday, my Mother cooked, me and Alli figured out an idea to make a movie..:)We pretty much did that all day, and played some other things.
On Thursday, in the morning, we watched the Thanksgiving Parade. I liked most of it, sadly I -
did not see Santa on his sleigh. Me and Alli had to chase a rooster back to the yard. We also saw
a Justin Bieber commercial! It was funny.... After the parade, a Dog show came on,-
Alli loved that! While I was in the back room, I heard that the Voronenkl's were over, we all went to the Dining room, held hands, and prayed. Most of the kids- 
ate outside, and the adults ate inside. Somehow outside, we got in an acorn fig-
ht, after a while my Dad joined the game. He taught me how to whistle through
an acorn shell, I am still learning... my Dad can do it really loudly! We gave the-
kids wheel barrel rides.  Me, Erika, and Aundrea played Basketball! That was  fun! Then me, Erika, Mark, Alli, and Aundrea played with the chickens. We tried to play an Indian type game, but that did not work out...:( We got on the teeter tater and kind of did an acorn fight. Mark wanted to make something on the tree. He never finished it, because he had to leave. But we said we would finish it next time. After that, it was a little quiet, besides the fact that Anna was watching football. Then we watched 'Miracle on thirty fourth Street'! In color! It was our second time watching it in color. Around the ending of the movie, I was on the computer.:)Then we all went to bed, after watching the Bonus Feat-  
Friday, we got up at 6:00am. And left to go shopping! We would definitely NOT go shopping at midnight. We went to Walmart first, I got three presents for people there..We went to Hobby Lobby next, I got two presents there(all my Ch-
ristmas shopping is done.. except one person...), Me and Anna got played a nasty trick...something that had to do with trunks opening..heard a confession,
then we went to the mall. We looked around the mall, and had an early lunch. 
Fun! We got home, then we had family over. Mt brother: Marcus, my sister-in-
law:Ivy, their children: Will, Charlie, and Olivia! I showed Charlie the chickens,
he fed them some chicken feed. I went inside and played 'Dominian' with Alli, Erika, and Marcus. It is a card game. A while after that, another part of the family came over. My brother: Tim, my sister-in-law: Emily, their children: Jo-
ey, Chris, and Ilsa! Me, Erika, Tim, and Marcus played spades. Me and Erika w-
ere a team, and Marcus and Tim were on another team. We did not finish the game, because Marcus had to leave. So we decided that we would finish the ne-
xt time they came. Emily helped Mom get a lot of decorating done! After they le-
ft, since it was Friday night, we watched 'Prince of Persia'(Alli's choice). 
On Saturday we tried to make a Ginger bread barn, it kind of broke part...I wra-
pped some presents Friday and Saturday. We have our Christmas tree up! We kind of rested, and that night me and Alli played 'Scene it'! Erika joined later.
Then we went to sleep...ZZZZZZZZZZZ...

Alright folks, so that is how I spent my

sorry the paragraphs kind of mess up...:( 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Anna's Birthday!

Today it is Anna's birthday, we had pancakes for breakfast, she opened some presents, after a while a friend came over, we made a movie, and tried to do something else....Then Anna got another present, that she had to wait for, because it came in the mail.
Let's head to the presents she got!

She first opened my present: Braclets I made, then she opened Alli's: A spider mood ring, and spider earrings, then she opened a couple from Mom and Dad: headphones, and a big soft white blanket(Mom said she was lucky she got it!) and the one that came in the mail(from Erika): a Justin Bieber book, and a friend (Avery) gave her Justin Bieber shirt! Got to go!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving, and The winner!

Alright folks we are going to find out who has won the test and is more like me.....



the winner is.....

It is a tie between Emi,Avery, and Sarah S! Hmmm what should I do?
If you have any ideas, please comment.

And we are watching The Thanksgiving Parade, so don't forget to thank the Lord, and
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sorry, I said the next post would be who won, but.... I only have two people who have done the test. Would anyone else like to do it?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A test

I have got an idea! Here is a test, whoever has the most answers like more like me! so.......

Your hair color
2.Light brown
3.Dark brown

Your eye color

What type of books do you like to read?
6.normal day life

What sport do you like best?

Which of these do you like to watch or do more?

What kind of car would you want when you are older?
4.Honda (I think that's how you spell that:)

What kind of sleeved shirts are more comfortable?
1.short sleeved
2.quarter sleeved
3.long sleeved

What do you like best?

Do you live on...
1.a farm
2.the city
3.a mix of both

What kind of shoes do you like to wear most?
1. tennis shoes
2.high heels

Last one! What letter does your name start with?
individual answers

Okay, you can give me the answers on comments, and I will tell you who i more like me......on the next post! See ya:) 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Ounce a month we go to a 2hr free time at gymnastics.(1. it's not really free:( 2. I wish it were longer!) Anyways, so yesterday we went. The story....

The Davis's picked us up(dear friends of ours), and we drove there. Me. Alli, and Martha talked in the back. Moments of silence every now and then.:)  When we got there, we had a little problem with their door. But that works out later. When we went inside we waited for Mrs. Davis, then we went to take our shoes off. Then first thing, you got a choice from trampoline, a rope that you swing on, or bunny jumping.:) Then we played a game called something that had to do with Mars.:) ( Martha might know) then they made us go to a window, and not turn around(they were hiding blue bandanas for the girls to find. And green for the boys. The boys won...:( Then we went back to trampoline, and other stuff. Somehow we got everyone to go to rabbit jumping, and we had to jump over soft big blocks( I got all the way to six! Second place, (because someone else got to seven) Then we did the Mars game again. And then the other game again. GIRLS WON THAT ONE!:) Then we had to leave. All of it is longer then it sounds. Even though I wish it were all day.... GYMNASTICS IS AWESOME! ( even though I wish they would actually teach us how to flip) Got 2 go!