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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Ounce a month we go to a 2hr free time at gymnastics.(1. it's not really free:( 2. I wish it were longer!) Anyways, so yesterday we went. The story....

The Davis's picked us up(dear friends of ours), and we drove there. Me. Alli, and Martha talked in the back. Moments of silence every now and then.:)  When we got there, we had a little problem with their door. But that works out later. When we went inside we waited for Mrs. Davis, then we went to take our shoes off. Then first thing, you got a choice from trampoline, a rope that you swing on, or bunny jumping.:) Then we played a game called something that had to do with Mars.:) ( Martha might know) then they made us go to a window, and not turn around(they were hiding blue bandanas for the girls to find. And green for the boys. The boys won...:( Then we went back to trampoline, and other stuff. Somehow we got everyone to go to rabbit jumping, and we had to jump over soft big blocks( I got all the way to six! Second place, (because someone else got to seven) Then we did the Mars game again. And then the other game again. GIRLS WON THAT ONE!:) Then we had to leave. All of it is longer then it sounds. Even though I wish it were all day.... GYMNASTICS IS AWESOME! ( even though I wish they would actually teach us how to flip) Got 2 go!


  1. sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    wish i could have been there!

  2. It was! Wish you could have been there too!


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