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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy (Early) 4th of July!

Happy Early 4th of July!!
SO glad the colonists got together to fight for Independence!! They sacfriced their lives and in the end they won!:D
So I hope ya'll have a wonderful 4th of July and Independence Day!!:)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Erika!

Happy birthday to my awesome sister!!!:) ERIKA! You are so fun to talk and laugh with! And making jokes about the silliest things! I can't wait to see you in College studying hard and accomplishing SO much!

Friday, May 30, 2014

A talented sister!:)

 Recently my sister Erika wrote a very incredible and touching post in the link at the bottom. So many people have read this touching post. I had not even realized until I went to a funeral with my family for the baby girl that is mentioned in Erika's post. As I am sitting down, people come up that we don't even know and tell Erika how touching her post was.  In the post Erika writes how she wishes she could do something to make everything better. I know that it will not be perfect, but as I looked at Erika and I realize she did do something to make it a little better. She reminded us that God has a purpose for everyone. Everyone is on this earth for a reason. We don't just happen to be born in this world. We will at least affect someone in our lives, whether it be a long or short life.

Life and Death
I hope u enjoyed reading this wonderful post as much as I did!:)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Having fun with puppies!

So we went over to a friends, to help them with their dog training. At this time we had walking around their pool with puppies trying to train them to walk beside u, not in front or behind. And every now and then u would tell them to sit or lay down. My puppy was having some difficulties listening, so one of the girls told me to do a down something.. But that was were you would lay them down, they had to lay and stay without getting up. Everyone else was getting tired of walking so they did the same thing. Then the girl said we could play with the puppies. So this is what me and my best friend did! :P

Monday, February 24, 2014

Third Day (Wednesday) of the MOST AWESOME Ski Trip!

Anyway, on to Wednesday! Early in the morning the same thing happened as Tuesday. When we got to the ski area, I had to have a new instructor. Because my first one was not going to be there for the rest of the week. I was really nervous.. Luckily it turned out to be a girl I really liked!:) After getting our equipment  on, we went to the hill I started to go on yesterday, the hill we planned to race on (My friend decided to change it to a steeper hill!:O) After doing that for a while my instructor asked me if I wanted to go on a steeper and a higher hill called JK (Jake Kindrick). I said sure. We had to snowboard to the lift that went higher, on the way.. I fell, and let me tell you: It hurt!!! But I was okay.. Yuri (The guy I was to race) was at the top when we got up there. The view was awesome up there! After taking a picture of the mountains and getting a picture with Yuri, I sat with my snowboard for about a moment a little nervous about falling, because I was still hurting from the last fall. Yuri said it wasn't as steep as it looked. So down I went. I did fall a lot, and by the time I had gone down the hill twice, I decided on the third round to go down an "easy trail" that was on the side in the middle of JK. We ended up getting lost. I was exhausted by that time, and in pain. So my instructor called for a snowmobile. After waiting for 20min (:O) I got a snowmobile ride! It was great! Besides the fact we were riding fast in cold(!) air and it was snowing a little. But it was cool!:) It was 12:30pm. by the time I arrived in the cafeteria, so most of the people were gone, or leaving. So after I ate my lunch, I found my instructor and asked if we could go back to the hill we were on before JK. She said sure. So I just practiced snowboarding there for the rest of the day. I'm really glad I did, because my instructor helped me, it was easier to learn on a hill I was more used to. I got a lot better at snowboarding, on that hill! I went down the lift for the first time, instead of snowboarding down. I was earlier than others this time! Yay!:) I rode in the back again!:) At the condo, after cleaning up, we devised a plan. You see, two of the guys decided to go to the hot tub,. So we decided we would trow snowballs at them while they were in the hot tub!:) When we got to the swimming pool and hot tub  area, we weren't sure how to act or how to start throwing snowballs. So they got suspicious. It was funny though, because right as one of them said," They better not throw snowballs at us," one of us threw it right at him! Then while we threw snowballs they tried to dodge them. It was fun! After our fingers were nearly frozen, we decided to leave them alone.:P Then my friend and I had to clean the living room again because everyone was coming to our place for dinner.!:O:) We played Uno again. And watched the Olympics, I continued to watch the Olympics after everyone left, and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up at 2am. One of the nurses had kindly gotten my bed out of the wall, so I got on it and fell asleep!:) More later...:)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Second Day (Tuesday) of the MOST AWESOME Ski Trip!

Alright! Tuesday at the ski trip.:) The chaperons (One of them was a nurse) woke us up at 6:30am. None of us girls felt like getting up. So we ended up getting up at 6:55am!:):P During that time of not getting up, our two chaperons made our breakfast! After breakfast we got ready to go. I felt so big in my ski outfit..:P At 8 we all met outside and waited for our bus. When it came, I and some other girls went right to the very back of the bus (Because they were more bumps in the back!:)) One of the girls apparently was still getting ready, so after finally getting into the bus, we left. (It was funny, she had NO IDEA we had even left the condo. At the ski area we went to a building and sat down at a table. We had to wait to find out who our instructions were going to be. Another girl and I were the last ones to find out. When we met our instructors, we went into an equipment room. There, you would get equipment for which activity you were doing. In my case: Snowboarding!:) Then we went to a very small hill so that my instructor could teach me how to snowboard. I found stopping the most difficult thing for me.:P At lunchtime my instructor told me to meet him at 1pm. In the cafeteria our ski group all ate together! Then at 1pm we got back to our activities! We went back to the small hill just to go over what I had learned. Then he told me what to do on a lift. My least fav thing to do! On a lit you had to put just one foot into your snowboard and walk/slide with the other. Then on the lift you would be in the middle of air (With people skiing below you) with your snowboarding strapped to one foot, with all that weight on one leg! The view was awesome though!:) Getting off the lift was my least fav part of the lift, you snowboard down a little steep hill (Remember now, I can't stop myself very well). I had to keep holding onto my instructor! Falling sometimes... Then we went to a bigger hill. One that I found to love in the end!:) One of my friend were there also. He asked if I was ready for a race. I answered with,"Not quite yet..." So we planned for one on Thursday!:) At 3pm, we had to start heading back. I had a choice between going down the lift, or snowboarding. I chose snowboarding. Not a good idea when you're not a very good snowboarder, and the trail I decided to go on, had a cliff on the the side. I kept falling because I was worried about going over the cliff! :O But I finally got to the bottom, everyone was waiting for me in the bus, because I had taken so long.. (I was the last one!) When we got back, we girls decided to go swimming! Even though the swimming pool was outside! But it was warm. One of the girls thought it was too cold and went back to the condo. After swimming, and going into a hot tub (Which was also outside) we changed out of our swim suits, and went to an exercising area for fun!:) Then we had to clean up our condo because everyone was coming to our condo for dinner. When everyone arrived, we ate dinner, (Lasagna) watched the Olympics. I played Spoons, with a group, then I watched another group play Uno (There was a lot of cheating in that game throughout the week..:P) When everyone left, I watched the end of a movie with some of the girls. Then I went to bed! That's it for Tuesday!:)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Day (Moday) of the MOST AWESOME Ski Trip!

I had so much fun on an awesome ski trip!:) I will tell you about the first day, and continue it throughout the week. I will not be very detailed but I will tell u the important things (Besides the fact that ALL of it was important to me!:)) We left early in the morning on Monday. We had breakfast at the hospital and did some other things. We sat in a room waiting for others that were going to take the bus to the airport. Some kids were just going to meet us at the airport with their parents. After we got our tickets we walked to an area where they had a little lunch party,  where we ate and played a game. In the game a man would ask questions and if you answered correctly, you won a prize!:) I won gum!:) Then we got onto the airplane, I was a little nervous about the height and the feeling of going up and down in the airplane. One of the chaperons I was sitting next to let me use his Ipad so that I could be distracted. It helped!:) When we arrived in Colorado, we got into five different cars (Wow, that sounds funny if u think about it, or maybe u didn't have to...:)) Anyway, after driving for an hour we stopped at a pizza place. The girls, guys, and chaperons all sat at their own tables. We played a card game called Spoons. I started a game called,"Throw Sugar packs at the guys!" I threw a sugar pack right at one the chaperons heads while he was eating. He was surprised! It was hysterical!:):P After finishing our pizza we had to drive another hour to our condos. We were so happy when we got there to be there! We all played in the snow!!:) My converese's  ( Shoes) got really wet, but I didn't care!:) Then we girls had to separate into two condos. The girls my age, and they were my friends; went into a condo, and I decided to go with them, in order to do that I had to separate from Erika. Which is what I did... But don't worry, we saw each other everyday!:) We got the wrong condo, which kind of stunk because the first one had bunk beds all in one room. The one we moved into didn't... Oh well... I slept in the living room on a bed that came out of the wall! It was cool!:) Well that is all that (""was important.."") happened on Monday. More tomorrow!:)