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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Day (Moday) of the MOST AWESOME Ski Trip!

I had so much fun on an awesome ski trip!:) I will tell you about the first day, and continue it throughout the week. I will not be very detailed but I will tell u the important things (Besides the fact that ALL of it was important to me!:)) We left early in the morning on Monday. We had breakfast at the hospital and did some other things. We sat in a room waiting for others that were going to take the bus to the airport. Some kids were just going to meet us at the airport with their parents. After we got our tickets we walked to an area where they had a little lunch party,  where we ate and played a game. In the game a man would ask questions and if you answered correctly, you won a prize!:) I won gum!:) Then we got onto the airplane, I was a little nervous about the height and the feeling of going up and down in the airplane. One of the chaperons I was sitting next to let me use his Ipad so that I could be distracted. It helped!:) When we arrived in Colorado, we got into five different cars (Wow, that sounds funny if u think about it, or maybe u didn't have to...:)) Anyway, after driving for an hour we stopped at a pizza place. The girls, guys, and chaperons all sat at their own tables. We played a card game called Spoons. I started a game called,"Throw Sugar packs at the guys!" I threw a sugar pack right at one the chaperons heads while he was eating. He was surprised! It was hysterical!:):P After finishing our pizza we had to drive another hour to our condos. We were so happy when we got there to be there! We all played in the snow!!:) My converese's  ( Shoes) got really wet, but I didn't care!:) Then we girls had to separate into two condos. The girls my age, and they were my friends; went into a condo, and I decided to go with them, in order to do that I had to separate from Erika. Which is what I did... But don't worry, we saw each other everyday!:) We got the wrong condo, which kind of stunk because the first one had bunk beds all in one room. The one we moved into didn't... Oh well... I slept in the living room on a bed that came out of the wall! It was cool!:) Well that is all that (""was important.."") happened on Monday. More tomorrow!:)

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