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Monday, February 24, 2014

Third Day (Wednesday) of the MOST AWESOME Ski Trip!

Anyway, on to Wednesday! Early in the morning the same thing happened as Tuesday. When we got to the ski area, I had to have a new instructor. Because my first one was not going to be there for the rest of the week. I was really nervous.. Luckily it turned out to be a girl I really liked!:) After getting our equipment  on, we went to the hill I started to go on yesterday, the hill we planned to race on (My friend decided to change it to a steeper hill!:O) After doing that for a while my instructor asked me if I wanted to go on a steeper and a higher hill called JK (Jake Kindrick). I said sure. We had to snowboard to the lift that went higher, on the way.. I fell, and let me tell you: It hurt!!! But I was okay.. Yuri (The guy I was to race) was at the top when we got up there. The view was awesome up there! After taking a picture of the mountains and getting a picture with Yuri, I sat with my snowboard for about a moment a little nervous about falling, because I was still hurting from the last fall. Yuri said it wasn't as steep as it looked. So down I went. I did fall a lot, and by the time I had gone down the hill twice, I decided on the third round to go down an "easy trail" that was on the side in the middle of JK. We ended up getting lost. I was exhausted by that time, and in pain. So my instructor called for a snowmobile. After waiting for 20min (:O) I got a snowmobile ride! It was great! Besides the fact we were riding fast in cold(!) air and it was snowing a little. But it was cool!:) It was 12:30pm. by the time I arrived in the cafeteria, so most of the people were gone, or leaving. So after I ate my lunch, I found my instructor and asked if we could go back to the hill we were on before JK. She said sure. So I just practiced snowboarding there for the rest of the day. I'm really glad I did, because my instructor helped me, it was easier to learn on a hill I was more used to. I got a lot better at snowboarding, on that hill! I went down the lift for the first time, instead of snowboarding down. I was earlier than others this time! Yay!:) I rode in the back again!:) At the condo, after cleaning up, we devised a plan. You see, two of the guys decided to go to the hot tub,. So we decided we would trow snowballs at them while they were in the hot tub!:) When we got to the swimming pool and hot tub  area, we weren't sure how to act or how to start throwing snowballs. So they got suspicious. It was funny though, because right as one of them said," They better not throw snowballs at us," one of us threw it right at him! Then while we threw snowballs they tried to dodge them. It was fun! After our fingers were nearly frozen, we decided to leave them alone.:P Then my friend and I had to clean the living room again because everyone was coming to our place for dinner.!:O:) We played Uno again. And watched the Olympics, I continued to watch the Olympics after everyone left, and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up at 2am. One of the nurses had kindly gotten my bed out of the wall, so I got on it and fell asleep!:) More later...:)

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