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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lot's 2 do! Part 3.

So we are back from camp!:) Wish we were still there.... But we are back! We got back from camp like 3hrs. ago.... and I will give BIGGER details later! But its a pretty funny picture here.. Erika and I are both on the computer, with a dozen emails! And I am about to go hang out with my sister UNKNOWN! So...have a GREAT weekend!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making a movie

A friend came over on Saturday (today) and we decided to make a movie, so we did! Here's how it turned out!

Hope you like it!:)
It says 'To be continued' at the end. And I'm hoping it will!:)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lots 2 do! Part 3

Erika's and I's :) B'day's have passed. Erika was planning a surprise party with my best friend and another friend! She also got a surprise! When I opened the door to a room, a bunch of my friends yelled,"Surprise!"And Erika didn't know that my friends also invited one of her friends from camp. It was a lot of fun! We swam, ate, and opened presents! I had a BLAST! Thanks guys!:)
  We went to Houston the next day, spent the night at a friend's house, swam in a pool, the next day we went to the Gulf of Mexico!! NO JOKE!!:) The waves were great!!! Not that big though.. We rented a boogie board and boogie boarded. I did very smoothly  on my first time! After that: splat!:) lol,
  When we got home, even though it was late, I picked a movie!
  The next day: we went to the movies to see 'Man of Steel!" AND we went boating!! Lot's of fun!:)
One more 2 go!:)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LOT'S 2 DO! Part 2

One down two to go. The wedding was lot's of fun! At the end of the service they had like jazzy music, and the bridesmaids and their partners danced back up the aisle, and so did the wedding couple! Then there was dancing and eating, and kids played freeze tag:). Had LOTS of fun!