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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Second Day (Tuesday) of the MOST AWESOME Ski Trip!

Alright! Tuesday at the ski trip.:) The chaperons (One of them was a nurse) woke us up at 6:30am. None of us girls felt like getting up. So we ended up getting up at 6:55am!:):P During that time of not getting up, our two chaperons made our breakfast! After breakfast we got ready to go. I felt so big in my ski outfit..:P At 8 we all met outside and waited for our bus. When it came, I and some other girls went right to the very back of the bus (Because they were more bumps in the back!:)) One of the girls apparently was still getting ready, so after finally getting into the bus, we left. (It was funny, she had NO IDEA we had even left the condo. At the ski area we went to a building and sat down at a table. We had to wait to find out who our instructions were going to be. Another girl and I were the last ones to find out. When we met our instructors, we went into an equipment room. There, you would get equipment for which activity you were doing. In my case: Snowboarding!:) Then we went to a very small hill so that my instructor could teach me how to snowboard. I found stopping the most difficult thing for me.:P At lunchtime my instructor told me to meet him at 1pm. In the cafeteria our ski group all ate together! Then at 1pm we got back to our activities! We went back to the small hill just to go over what I had learned. Then he told me what to do on a lift. My least fav thing to do! On a lit you had to put just one foot into your snowboard and walk/slide with the other. Then on the lift you would be in the middle of air (With people skiing below you) with your snowboarding strapped to one foot, with all that weight on one leg! The view was awesome though!:) Getting off the lift was my least fav part of the lift, you snowboard down a little steep hill (Remember now, I can't stop myself very well). I had to keep holding onto my instructor! Falling sometimes... Then we went to a bigger hill. One that I found to love in the end!:) One of my friend were there also. He asked if I was ready for a race. I answered with,"Not quite yet..." So we planned for one on Thursday!:) At 3pm, we had to start heading back. I had a choice between going down the lift, or snowboarding. I chose snowboarding. Not a good idea when you're not a very good snowboarder, and the trail I decided to go on, had a cliff on the the side. I kept falling because I was worried about going over the cliff! :O But I finally got to the bottom, everyone was waiting for me in the bus, because I had taken so long.. (I was the last one!) When we got back, we girls decided to go swimming! Even though the swimming pool was outside! But it was warm. One of the girls thought it was too cold and went back to the condo. After swimming, and going into a hot tub (Which was also outside) we changed out of our swim suits, and went to an exercising area for fun!:) Then we had to clean up our condo because everyone was coming to our condo for dinner. When everyone arrived, we ate dinner, (Lasagna) watched the Olympics. I played Spoons, with a group, then I watched another group play Uno (There was a lot of cheating in that game throughout the week..:P) When everyone left, I watched the end of a movie with some of the girls. Then I went to bed! That's it for Tuesday!:)

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