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Friday, May 30, 2014

A talented sister!:)

 Recently my sister Erika wrote a very incredible and touching post in the link at the bottom. So many people have read this touching post. I had not even realized until I went to a funeral with my family for the baby girl that is mentioned in Erika's post. As I am sitting down, people come up that we don't even know and tell Erika how touching her post was.  In the post Erika writes how she wishes she could do something to make everything better. I know that it will not be perfect, but as I looked at Erika and I realize she did do something to make it a little better. She reminded us that God has a purpose for everyone. Everyone is on this earth for a reason. We don't just happen to be born in this world. We will at least affect someone in our lives, whether it be a long or short life.

Life and Death
I hope u enjoyed reading this wonderful post as much as I did!:)

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