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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Anna's Birthday!

Today it is Anna's birthday, we had pancakes for breakfast, she opened some presents, after a while a friend came over, we made a movie, and tried to do something else....Then Anna got another present, that she had to wait for, because it came in the mail.
Let's head to the presents she got!

She first opened my present: Braclets I made, then she opened Alli's: A spider mood ring, and spider earrings, then she opened a couple from Mom and Dad: headphones, and a big soft white blanket(Mom said she was lucky she got it!) and the one that came in the mail(from Erika): a Justin Bieber book, and a friend (Avery) gave her Justin Bieber shirt! Got to go!



  1. That was a really good report Sarah!

  2. sounds like you had fun! tell Anna HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!

  3. I 'm glad you had fun Avery!
    Thank you!


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