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Friday, February 1, 2013


So how does my new look, look?So, today, I was climbing a tree with my Best Friend and my sister. At one point, you couldn't really go any farther, and I was in front. So I decided to jump. NOT A GOOD IDEA!
Ounce I jumped, I landed sitting, I was about to get up, but a branch decided to follow me down( A PRETTY BIG ONE......)
So my nose and eyebrow is bruised......
And you might notice my chin is slightly larger then the other. THAT is because I had a 100 1b. sister land on me on wooden floor! My shoulder still hurts a little.....
But I'm okay!

I had a nice weekend..... what about you?:)


  1. Are you OK? I hope you are feeling better!!

    Tell Alli happy birthday please!!


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