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Thursday, September 2, 2010


On the 12th of September we are going to sing in church, Just the family. So we have to practice right? So just last night (we've been practicing before we told Dad) Mom just then tells him we are going to sing in church in two weeks. So he answered " I'm not good at singing". (Mom had a choice to either sing by herself our with the family, I guess she chose to sing with us). So Mom answered "Lets practice". So Dad try's to sing as horribly as he can (you have to admit he was bad at singing, LOL JK (That means joke,JK does) He's really a good singer.


  1. Yes he is. Only a good singer can pretend to be bad. LOL

  2. Erika you wrote it twice. Mom that was a good one. We will be singing CHILDREN OF THE LIVING GOD.


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