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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

True, exciting, scary (if you were there)

Last night we had a BIG storm, we all were going to go into the closet (because a Tornado was coming). But then Dad said it would be safer in the office in his shop. So we went in there instead.We waited for a while, then we prayed. It started to get hot in the office. Then mom went out real quick, when she came back she said the sirens going off. We had brought a mattress to cover us. So mom laid Erika down in the most uncomfortable way. Alli was squished I was beside her. Anna with Cloudpaw. Who was laying down all stretched out. He had no idea what was going on. Mom and Dad still looking at the weather. We waited for them. Mom finally came and said we can come out. Alli played with Cloudpaw, I read, Anna read, Erika was doing something with her camera. Mom even made popcorn! Finally after a while mom said we could go inside. We all went to bed because it was 11:00pm.


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