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Monday, December 10, 2012

Another test!

                           I HOPE YOU  LIKE CLUES!:)

First: This is a test for the tie breakers in the last test. (other people may do it after the test is over).
I will have some clues and stuff,:) and the person who gets the most right wins. By the ways the answers you find, will also be kind of like a clue thing, in the end from the answers.. you will have to answer one more question.

                                these are four words

Clue number two!:What happened to the house and furnishings after Jefferson's death? Because Jefferson died more than $107,000 in debt, his daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph and her son and financial manager, Thomas Jefferson Randolph, found it necessary first to sell nearly all of the contents of Monticello and then to sell the plantation itself. In 1827, the furniture, animals, farm equipment, and slaves were offered at an executor's sale. In 1831, James T. Barclay, a local apothecary, purchased the home and 552 acres for $4,500, less the value of his own home. Unsuccessful in his attempts to cultivate silk worms there, he offered Monticello for sale barely two years later. In 1834, Uriah P. Levy, a naval officer who admired Jefferson's views on religious tolerance, purchased the house. Levy died in 1862 and bequeathed Monticello to the government if certain conditions were met. During the Civil War, the Confederacy seized and sold the property. After the war, the government declined the terms of Levy's request, and Levy's heirs contested the ownership. Not until years of litigation had passed did Jefferson Monroe Levy, Uriah P. Levy's nephew, take possession in 1879. Both uncle and nephew strove to preserve Monticello as a memorial to Jefferson. In 1923, Jefferson Monroe Levy sold Monticello to the newly created Thomas Jefferson Foundation, which owns Monticello today.

Clue number three!:
                                  go to this link.. How many buttons does he have?

Clue number four!: T i . i . t e. n m e . o . b l s. o . m . s o s.
                                this last one is probably the hardest. There are missing letters and you have to find
                                 them. BTW: dots are the end of each word, and spaces mean there is a missing letter.

Alright now that you have you answers! You have to find out what type of character/character I am naming. HAVE FUN! And good luck...:).


  1. Wow Sarah! I'm tired just reading that!

  2. the last one is HARD! can you give me a hint?????

  3. Mom:LOL
    Sarah: That would be cheating! Do you have the other ones answered?

  4. I can't get past the 1st question...LOL

  5. Avery: THINK! city gal!
    Sarah: sure!You to Avery!

  6. you to avery?
    are we supposed to figure out what person your talking about???

  7. oh and what do you mean by "type" of character?

  8. No, Like an angel has a ring above her head, her type of character is: an angel!

  9. ok....i'm not sure i under stand.


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