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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tornado's these days!

Pray. That is a good word for this... Pray for those that are suffering from losing homes, and those who have lost loved ones.
Right now, what is happening in our area. WE ARE GETTING READY....:)
We are under a tornado watch, mother says to get ready. I'll tell you what each person says they will bring.
Alli: Her blankets, her treasure thingy, diary, and the wild cats (explanation later). She just promised they could go in the office with us, then she says,"Let's hope I can keep that promise, lol!:)
Sarah/me: I am blogging. I would bring a book to read...AN INTERESTING ONE! I'm not sure what else.
Anna: Acting normal.
Erika: Her school records, guitar.and School!
Alli just said: I am definitely NOT bringing my school! lol
Mom: Important papers.
 Not guaranteed all things will be brought. Or that a tornado is even really coming. Sooo....

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  1. Well Sarah, you made it through another Tornado Watch! I'm proud of you!


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