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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Trip to Oklahoma!

We got back from our trip about an hour in a half ago!:) Our brother is here! Right now he's talking with my Dad about
We went to Oklahoma to see Alli's biological sister Tatyana, and they were both a little shy at first.:)
When Tatyana got to our Uncle's house (where we were staying) we talked. Then we had pizza and watched a movie.
The next day we went shopping with Tatyana and her boyfriend. We shopped and had lunch,
then went back to our Uncle's house, then went to Tatyana's family's house for dinner. Alli and I got to ride with Tatyana in her black Mustang! And we got to hold a baby bunny!:) We played poker after dinner and I won the first game! We played with poker chips though.
On Sunday (today) we went to church, went to lunch with Gibson's (Tatyana's boyfriend) family and Anna drank a BUNCH of water. Our waiter actually to get her a pitcher (small one)! It was hilarious!
Then we left to go home! So here we are!:)


  1. LOL! Sounds like you had TONS of fun! glad you did!

  2. Awesome!Tell Alli that I am VERY happy she got to see her sister again!!! Hope ya'll had a blast!


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