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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A bike!!!!

The Lord has blessed me with a bike!
It started when me and my Dad went on our special time.... we had to stop by Walmart to get some Peroxide, we decided to look at bikes. I was looking at bike, when I saw a cute white one on the second top rack, I wanted to see what it looked like all the way, so I asked Dad if he could get it down ( that took a while...). Ounce we got it down.... apparently it had been up there for a while, it was rusty, with paint spots rubbed off. But I still liked it, but it was 149 dollars! I started to look at other stuff.... but my Dad said," What if we were to find the manager, and see if we could get it at a lower price?" Because we did not think it was worth 149 dollars. Then my Dad added," I will also pay half, maybe it will just be lowered to a 100 dollars..." I nodded, " Really? Okay!" So then we had to go find the manager (also took a while...) When we found him, he looked at the bike and checked it... and you know what he said? "$50 is about the lowest I can go"...... SO I GOT A BIKE (my Dad still payed half:)) So here is my bike:
BTW: You might not be able to see how rusty it was from the bright (kind of bright) light.


  1. I think it is wonderful when God blesses us! I could barely see that rusty spot. :)

  2. That is sooooo cool!!!GOD has truly blessed you!! I love the bike it is sooo cute!!Hope I can see it in
    person sometime!!!

  3. SOO COOL! i had no IDEA that bigs were that expensive! what a good deal. hope you like your new bike!

  4. Wow! Awesome bike! (And you have an awesome Dad, too!)

  5. I DO have a Great Dad!
    I hope you see it in person too!:)
    You mean you saw it at all?!!! JK
    Thank you everybody!


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