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Monday, January 14, 2013

What is the food?!:)

Alright I have had a request to tell  what everything is from left to right, but I decided to post it.

WARNING: I do not know what EVERYTHING is.

The first thing in a jar is pickles
Then a big plastic bag of sliced of bread
A plastic bag of cucumbers (being used to make pickles)
In the brown bags: 10 (chosen by us) pieces of candy.
Halva ( a kind of cake, with just sugar and sunflower)P.S ALLI VERY MUCH LIKES  IT!
Some type of cookie/cracker shaped in circles
Four small canes of fish
A different type of Halva
Fruit juice (VERY GOOD!)
More sausage (both are two different types though)
Sugar cubes
Cranberry sauce
Something very sweet and pink and white!:)
More fish
And a type of hard raisin  bread?

Hope that helps a little!:)


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