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Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Birthday mixed with rain...:)

BTW: I forgot to tell y'all! My little nephew turned 3 five days ago!:) We went to the park, and it was cloudy. So at around 10:30 we had to leave because of: RAIN!!!!! I LOVE RAINY DAYS!:)
It hasn't really rained since.. It's fun when our driveway gets puddles and Alli and I play in them. We saw worms in the puddles, so I helped Alli get them and she made a wormery! By the way a wormery is like a jar full of mud and worms!:) I only got one worm though, because I was too interested in the puddles.:) Well write ya later! Or I'll write on the blog, and you'll see it, and.. Anyway....:) Bye!


  1. 3 five? which one did he turn? have fun watch your worms!

  2. He turned 3, five days ago. Now six.:) I am not watching them, Alli is!:)

  3. I know,i was confused with that too at first,but now i understand. :) I remember when i was there when you discussed it about going!!!! :)


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