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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

State Fair!

YAY! I went to the State Fair for the very first time!!!:) It was a lot of fun.
So at 9am we met at a friend's house. Then we had to wait for two more family's, then we got in our friend's van, rode to the State Fair, and got in!:) We first went to an animal area, where you got to feed and pet animals. Then we separated, so my friends and I went to the Ride area. But none of the rides were open, so we just looked at the rides we wanted to ride when they were open. Then we tried to go to a horse area, but they were horse shows, and you had to pay tickets, so then we went to the Creative Arts Center, where we were supposed to meet everyone else. After some phone calls and waiting, we finally got together again. So then my friends and I got in a line for free ice cream!:) Then we had lunch at a picnic table. Then we (One of the mothers continued with the kids because they a already eaten) Then we met at Big Tex, and took pictures with everyone. Then we separated again! Going back to the rides with our friends. Hannah and Alli went on a rollers coaster ride. Then we all did a Bumper Cart thing (Fun!) Then Alli, Samuel, Sarah, and Rebecca (friends) went on the Roller Coaster again!:) Plenty of screaming!:) Then we walked around more, then we did two mazes (One was a mirror one, I kept banging my head! lol:) The second one was an Obstacle Course! It was cool!!!!! You got bubbles on you,:)) Then! Sarah and I got slushies. Then we met at the Texas Ferris Wheel!!! It was huge. But we went on! And it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I liked it! Then we went to a Greenhouse thing, and decorated pumpkins and signed our names on a table. Then we watched a COOL Bike show! And got free coke. Then we left. WOW! I am tired..:) lol BUT I LOVED IT!


  1. I was REALLY tired! lol glad you had so much fun!!!! i'll post some of the picture if i can upload them and send you, alli, and erica them if you want!:)

  2. :) It was fun. I was SO tired after we got home. This was such a long time ago,but it was fun! :)


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