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Saturday, October 12, 2013

State Fair pictures!

 When we got there,

 Going into the Animal area.

 My Best Friend and I
 We went to the Children's Petting area. Loved feeding the animals!

 Lunch time!
 P.S. You are going to see a person's face cut out in some pictures. She didn't want anybody to see her so.. She is my sis.

 BIG TEX! The new one..

 Picture time!

 We were both holding the purse!

 Looking around.
 Mom's! One mom was somewhere else at the time..

 Big Tex's boot.
 Group pictures!

 BTW: I was making a creepy face on purpose!:)
Well I believe this is around the area when the camera


  1. why didn't Alli want to be in the pictures? could you send me some of those big tex pictures with us? thanks sorry i still need to send you my pictures:) I had alot of fun:) thanks for posting the picture!

  2. I don't know..Yeah! I'll try to when I get a hold of the computer that can send pictures!:) I had A LOT OF FUN 2!:) Your welcome!

  3. Haha,look at my face on the 2nd one before last,and the 5th one before last! Uh,i look fat in some of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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