Weather and Time

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weather Change..

YAY! It sprinkled earlier, and I think it still is!:) My sisters and my mother went somewhere early this morning. Then when we got out, it was cold!! My friend said she is going to be wearing long sleeves to ministry group!! (BTW: It's a Bible study group sorta.. Yeah!:)) I can't wait until winter..:):)


  1. Nope..:) It was Martha, even though she actually did not wear long sleeves..

  2. Hey! you guys were talking about me,and i didn't even realize it! :) I did wear long sleeves,but it just was pants. I call those long sleeves too,even though they aren't sleeves. But i was going to wear a jacket or something too. but i didn't end up doing it,cause it didn't go with my outfit. :)


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